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Dr. Dhaval Naik

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Dr. Dhaval Naik is an excellent and best heart surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across India. His surgical expertise and skills in cardiac surgery with a focus on adult cardiac surgery made it possible for thousands of patients to offer a second chance at life.

Over the fifteen years of medical practice,  Dr.  Naik’s acuity in surgical skills made him one of the best heart surgeon in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. His accuracy in the diagnosis of heart problems and in-depth counselling ability has led to the establishment of the most dedicated cardiac surgery department in the state of Gujarat. It is for this reason that he is considered the best cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.


His current focus is on treating adult patients suffering from various cardiac diseases like coronary artery diseases, heart valve problems, cardiac tumours, heart failure patients and many more. He is determined to treat complex cardiac surgeries like heart transplant and artificial heart implantation.

He has been one of the first heart surgeons to introduce beating heart surgery in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. His pioneer work on total arterial coronary artery bypass surgery(CABG) with particular reference to LIMA-RIMA ‘Y’ technique is a trailblazer. His excellent results in CABG surgery has designated him best heart specialist in Gujarat. Dr Naik imposed this highly sophisticated treatment without an extra economic burden on patients.

Dr Dhaval Naik has made it possible to have highly advanced cardiac surgeries made available in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Latest examples are heart transplant and artificial heart implant surgery. It is a proud moment for all that he and his team are the first and only in Gujarat to offer this treatment to heart failure patients. Dr Dhaval has made provision to aid financial support from the government for these patients.

He has specialized in minimally invasive(key-hole) cardiac surgery and one of the first surgeons to establish this programme in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Less pain, less bleeding, short hospital stay and better cosmetic scar are few benefits of this technology. His first patient operated through this technique, completed ten years recently. He offers CABG, Aortic valve/Mitral valve replacement and ASD closure surgeries through this technique.

Aortic diseases are another complex subset where surgical expertise and skills matter to gain the best results. Dr Naik has broad experience to treat aortic aneurysms and aortic dissection. Also, he is a qualified surgeon to perform TAVI( valve replacement without surgery) and TEVAR( aortic stenting). He and his team have carried out maximum cases of TAVI and TEVAR in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

In certain severe illness, our vital organs like the heart or lungs are so severely damaged to perform their function in the body. In these life-threatening conditions, doctors can use ECMO. ECMO is a very sophisticated modality and needs a ton of skills and expert team to manage it. Dr Dhaval Naik is a pioneer of this technique in Gujarat and CIMS HOSPITAL is the introductory hospital to start this programme. Dr Naik is also engaged in training other doctors to learn this technology. It is good to know that his second heart transplanted patient survived due to ECMO, and doing well after that.



Currently, Dr Dhaval Naik works as senior cardiac and heart transplant surgeon in at CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dr Naik holds a prestigious position as the treasurer – ECMO Society of India and served as an Executive Member in this prestigious society before that. Also, he was an Executive Member in Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery(IACTS), which is an epic body of all surgeons across India. He also serves as a council member in the medical division of Abbott Inc. He is also affiliated to New Era Hospital, Nagpur as a heart transplant surgeon. It is so delightful to see him in all the above positions as an only surgeon from Ahmedabad and Gujarat in the last 65 years. He bestowed ‘Icons of Healthcare ‘ award in the category; excellence in cardiothoracic surgery by Berg group, Singapore for his marathon contribution in the health sector.

He is an alumnus of B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad and, further received his cardiac surgery training from world-famous heart surgeon Dr M.R.Girinath in Chennai. Additionally, he pursued his advance training in Australia and Germany. Dr Naik is considered to be the highest skilled cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Personally, Dr Dhaval is a great human being where patient’s care and safety is his motto. He spends maximum time with patients and their relatives before and after surgery. His counselling, regarding any heart problem, is considered best among all. Hense, Times of India conferred him ” A heart specialist with a heart of gold.”

Precisely, Dr Dhaval Naik is the best cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is a perfect human being who has dedicated his all strength to avail recent advances in heart surgery to every person of the state and country.

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