My grandfather was suffering from Aortic valve stenosis, so we consulted Dr Dhaval Naik in CIMS Hospital. He did a few reports and concluded that valve replacement is the only option. Though his lungs were weak, he put him on some medicines to expand lung capacity. I was very impressed with his precise diagnosis skills and confidence about surgical outcome.

He took medicines for three weeks and readmitted for surgery. His lung compliance was kind enough to tolerate surgery now.

My grandfather’s only wish was to start farming again after surgery, even at the age of 71. Dr Dhaval Naik poured full confidence to commence this soon.

Surgery was very uneventful, and he was discharged within five days.

I called him for at least 30 times regarding my grandfather’s treatment though every time he politely responded to my calls.

I strongly recommend Dr Dhaval Naik for any kind of cardiac surgery without any hesitation. He is an excellent humankind apart from best doctor.